Friday, September 08, 2006

My new job

Imagine. I get paid to blog. Who would have though that there was a job like this? :) My official job description is multimedia journalist. O diba, ang taray!

Now I have an excuse not to update this blog, as I'm now blogging practically everyday at the pcij institutional blog.

It also means, as a friend pointed out, that I'm going to have to be much more careful about what I write here, where anyone could read it (this is, after all, a public blog).

However sad it may seem that many of my thoughts will now be relegated solely to the realm of late-night scribblings and conversations, still, after GMA, my new job is a cause for celebration.

I repeat,

I do not like being tagged. but when it's done by a friend, (in this case, kat) i'll make an exception. (although this time, i won't pass it along, hehe. or i may...)

se7en (or self-indulgence)

Seven things I want to do before I die:
1. Cover a war in a foreign country (or anything in a foreign country for that matter)
2. write a literary journalism novel, among many other novels
3. find someone who's willing to get married, have kids with me, and take care of them while i'm covering wars in foreign countries ;p
4. finish a dual degree masters abroad
5. learn to write, shoot and edit a documentary (shempre dapat agit itrez).
6. travel until i'm sick of it.
7. change the world, hehehe. or at least, make a dent towards changing the prevailing system

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Draw.
2. commit to a guy I like who likes me back (but i'm working on it :))
3. play the guitar. (hanggang intro chords lang ng it might be you na tinuro pa sa akin nung highschool)
4. play basketball
5. drive after 11 pm (curfews suck!)
6. magsuot ng pukengkeng skirt, bare-legged
7. change the world

Seven things that attract me to both a boy and a girl:
1. beautiful eyes
2. an offbeat sense of humor
3. katulad ni kat, kailangan may cultural capital. at mahilig makipagdebate tungkol sa kung anu-ano
4. at gender sensitive.
5. may natatanging talento sa pagguhit o pagtugtog, preferably both. ;)
6. my usual mantra: silence. stillness. sometimes.
7. may paninidigan. at handa ito ipaglaban.

Seven things that I say most often:
1. chenes
2. chorva
3. haggard!
4. whatever
5. guess what?
6. haaaay.
7. hapi!

Seven books I love to read:
(authors na lang, puwede?--ako rin! kat, marami tayong parehong paborito, hehehe)
1. Atwood
2. Vonnegut
3. Salinger
4. Plath
5. Voight
6. Austen
7. L'Engle

Seven movies I could watch over and over again:
1. Memento
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. The Three Musketeers (twelve times and counting)
4. Chungking Express
5. Sleepers
6. Amelie
7. Ghost in the Shell

Seven people I'm tagging to do this survey:
dahil tinag na ni kat ang mga taga-kule, the usual suspects:
1. kate
2. jaycee
3. cy
4. almi
5. aloi
6. hannah
7. mhel

hehehe. so the game continues...