Thursday, February 08, 2007

On Late-Night TV

Or to be exact, the Late Show with David Letterman. i told myself i wouldn't watch such trash, but i did. From start to finish. Strange how the things you know are bad for you can be so addicting.

i feel sorry for Lisa Marie Novak, the butt of tonight's jokes. The woman now labeled as the crazy astronaut, who drove 900 miles wearing adult diapers to threaten her rival in a love triangle. This is how it is every night. Whatever seems new, bizarre, out of the ordinary, made into a spectacle.

Some might say, this is comedy. I remember reading an article about Borat, how many (Kazakhs, frat boys, basically anyone featured in the film) found it offensive. Others found it funny -- even radically so, because in an era where so many are concerned with being politically correct, no one else would dare tell a black man that he had a chocolate face.

But then again, there's that scene in Borat where he asks young black men how to say "how do you do?" and they say "what's up, vanilla face?" which he repeats to a surprised hotel clerk.

If comedy is a way of breaking taboo, then so be it. but i maintain that there's still a difference between laughing with someone and laughing at them.

Blogging while working

Well, i actually do blog for a living.

But working on a personal blog during office hours seems deliciously subversive. It's the first time i've done it.

To be fair to me, I've practically spent the whole day slogging through COA reports. Thus, i am able to rationalize that i deserve this secret, stolen moment of blogging before i get back to slogging.

i haven't been fulfilling my promise to update this once a week -- i will try to be a better blogger, promise. i'm also thinking of doing a redesign when i move to the new blogger (i'm probabaly the only one who hasn't yet) now that i have a rudimentary grasp of html. If not, there's always Kate. :D

On my ever-pressing problem of security issues, i was shocked to discover that when i google my name + blog this blog appears on the top 5. i'll have to do something about this.

Maybe this weekend, when I will actually manage to do something besides sleep.