Saturday, February 16, 2013


NW represents an evolution in Zadie Smith's writing. She begins with a stream of consciousness page a la Virginia Woolf, or that she no longer uses quotation marks for dialogue, and tells a story of one of the main characters entirely in numbered headings. 

Her new style may be a result of motherhood. She's written that having a baby means that she only has four hours of writing time in a day. But it may also be just her exploring.

Smith remains one of my favorite authors, and rightly so. NW examines issues of class, race and privilege, as well as the First World problems of educated women. Sometimes it seem like you still can't have it all.

When reading fiction, I am often reminded that it is easier to write about sad families than happy ones, but despite all the insecurities and failed achievements mentioned in this book, there is also the strong, enduring friendship, of two girls, one black, one white, who were brought together entirely by chance. 

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